Akodo Dagger 
Akodo Dagger
Created by: Kakita artisans
First used by: Akodo One-eye's five unnamed sons
Currently in the possession of: Three Unknown,
Phoenix Clan

The Akodo Daggers were a sign of loyalty to the Akodo home. They borne the daggers, which were passed down from father to son. When the Akodo family was disbanded only five remained. [1] [2]

The Five Edit

Kakita artisans forged five daggers, [3] an gifted one fo them to each Akodo One-eye's five sons in an attempt to heal the rift between both clans. [4]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

They were made of an alloy of silver and iron, engraved which each of the Lion's Family mon around tsuba, with the mon in relief in the bottom of the tanto's tsuba. The daggers granted its wielders an aura of honorability. [4]

History Edit

After the Akodo were disbanded the new Lion Clan Champion Matsu Tsuko commanded that the Daggers be found and destroyed in the presence of the Emperor. One of them was in the hands of the outcast Toturi the Black, another with Akodo Kage, and another was known to be held by the family of Akodo that ended when Akodo Ginawa was cast out from the clan. [2]

Morikage Toshi Edit

In 1132 a spy from outside the Mantis Clan gave to Yoritomo an Akodo Dagger, to help him to find the Hidden Emperor. Yoritomo gave Tsuruchi the dagger. [5] The spy supposed to be a kolat, and the dagger the one from Kage. [6]

Much later was known the location of all the daggers. One dagger was still in the hands of the Kolat Master Kage. Another was in the possession of the Lion Champion Matsu Nimuro. When Nimuro was egged the False Nimuro also coppied the dagger but without its powers. Kaneka, Toturi's son, had had a third, willed to him by his sister Toturi II after her death, and his dagger was in the possession of the Phoenix following his death at Toshi Ranbo in 1169. Heigai, formerly Akodo Ginawa, had the fourth while the fifth was supposed to have been in the possession of the head of the Brotherhood Tanari. [4]

Known Wielders Edit

Akodo Kaiken

Akodo Kaiken

External Links Edit


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