Akodo Bushi

Akodo Bushi

The Akodo Bushi followed the ideals and teachings set down by Akodo, the first Emperor's general and fiercest of the Kami. Akodo wrote Leadership, a treatise on the art of warfare and the profession of the soldier.

Akodo Teachings Edit

The Akodo were just as fierce as the other Lion Clan families, but tempered their spirit with Akodo's teachings of patience. Students of the Akodo learned to fight from both command positions as well as rank and file, and would work together with almost a complete silence. This was a result of the endless training they went through at their dojo, and the Lion armies commanded by Akodo in the command tents and on the field move as if they were a single powerful force. [1]

Reputation Edit

The distinction of the Akodo Bushi School would cause opposing generals to hesitate before engaging them in a battle, and legend had it that an army led by an Akodo trained general had never seen defeat except to another Akodo trained general. [1]

Dojo Edit

One of the foremost Akodo Bushi dojo was the Akodo War College, and to be accepted into the college was one of the highest honors that could be bestowed upon a samurai. Few gained permission to study with the bushi or war college schools, and rarely for more than a year or two. In all cases the outsider allowed to train with the Akodo came away from the experience with a great amount of respect and fear for the techniques of the Akodo. [1]

Reign of Hantei XXXIX Edit

After the Scorpion Coup the new Emperor Hantei XXXIX disbanded the Akodo. The school was renamed as Lion Bushi until the family was restored. [2]

Techniques Edit

Akodo Regular

An Akodo Regular

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