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Akodo Bakusho 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Akodo Maouri

Akodo Bakusho was the lord of the Ichime Castle.

Training Edit

Bakusho trained in the Akodo Bushi school with his friend Akodo Temoru. [1]

Shame Edit

During a border conflict with the Doji Maouri alongside Temoru led an ambush against a Scorpion spy in disguise which traveled with an entourage of assassins. She would be pretending to be a noble Doji, which would discredit both sides through deception and lies, until negotiations were broken. When they stroke and killed the woman inside the palanquin they realized she was not a spy, but the daughter of the Doji Daimyo instead. To hide the shame they killed the entourage to a man. The incident sealed the Crane's decision to patrol the territory heavily, making the negotiation a success. [2]

Death Edit

When Bakusho died a strange mark appeared in his chest and gossips of a family's curse spread. [3] His son Akodo Maouri became the new castle's lord. [1]

Mark Edit

The mark was the one of his brotherhood in the Akodo school, and no one had seen it since. [4]


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