Akodo Amai 
Akodo Amai 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Ichime Sokoi

Akodo Amai of House Ichime had a son from his lover, Akodo Maouri, lord of the Ichime Castle. The illegitimate child had a younger brother and Maouri's heir, Akodo Hakenka. When Amai first discovered that she was pregnant with his child, she offered to kill herself so as not to compromise Maouri's reputation. He declined the offer, giving Amai and her child a place in the household, even though his wife still live. [1]

Death Edit

After Maouri was found dead in strange circumstances Amai was questioned by a Kitsuki Magistrate, Kitsuki Kaagi. [2] She was found death shortly after. Kaagi guessed she had been poisoning her lover night by night. After the death the mark would spread again the family's curse gossips, giving a chance to his son to be the new daimyo instead Maouri's heir, Akodo Hakenka. He supposed she also died from the poison's contact and that she did not know about the poison, so she had been forced for a third person. [3]

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