Please note: This article is about the ronin bandit. For other uses of the term, please see Akihiro (disambiguation).
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1169 
Parents: Un-named Scorpion,
Un-named ronin 
Children: Un-named daughter

Akihiro was a ronin bandit.

Family Edit

Akihiro was the illegitimate son of a Scorpion. His mother blackmailed the Scorpion so that her son would be given a promotion beyond the life of a lowly ronin. Rewarding an illegitimate son with a prestigious appointment was but a trifle, and his father took his poll. Akihiro's mother died of a mysterious, random illness not soon afterward. [1]

He had a wife and a daughter. [2]

Imperial Legionnaire Edit

Akihiro was placed in the First Imperial Legion front lines during Toturi Tsudao's war against the Yobanjin, and fought the barbarians near Yushosha Seido Mura in 1152. Akihiro was trained by Bayushi Paneki himself. He met another ronin Legionnaire, Tawagoto, who once saved Akihiro's life in battle. After Tsudao's death in 1160 the Legion disbanded, and Akihiro chose to find his own fate as a bounty hunter or bandit. [1] Akihiro prayed at Tsudao's tomb for three days. When he was finished, he knew what he must do. [3]

Working for the Sparrow Edit

Akihiro was enlisted by the Sparrow Clan Champion, Suzume Yugoki, to return rice and gold that had been stolen by a bandit group led by Heiji. Akihiro returned to Yugoki with the head of Heiji. Unknown to Yugoki, Akihiro had found out where Heiji had hidden the stolen goods, but kept them for himself. Shortly after he met Tawagoto, who had murdered a taisa of the Legions, Seppun Sugita. Akihiro enlisted him. [1]

Following Kokujin Edit

Akihiro was being manipulated by the tattooed madman, Kokujin. [4] The Prophet of the Dark Lotus sent his disciple to Rokugan following the death of Emperor Toturi Naseru. His mission was to wreak havoc, creating confusion and fear in the populace, [5] raising peasant revolts. [6]

Death Edit

Akihiro was killed in 1169 by the ronin Osami after months of hunting, hiding, and stalking. [7]


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