Born: Unknown 
Died: Trapped in Yume-do in 1169

Akatch was a nezumi of the Tattered Ear Tribe.

Fighting Tomorrow Edit

In 1169 the Chief of Chiefs Kan'ok'ticheck called the entire Nezumi race to face Tomorrow. They gathered to the Shinomen Forest and with the magic of the Tomorrow's Hourglass used by Mak'irtch entered Yume-do to aid the Transcendents fight against Tomorrow. The realm itself was in danger, and joined with the Trascendents to restabilize it. [1]

Fighting the dreams Edit

Transcendents stood outside of the great nezumi city in this realm, and the dragons, or what appeared to be dragons, were approaching from a distance, destroying everything as they went. Entities resembling Lord Sun and Lady Moon walked at their side. Wherever they stepped, the land vanished in a haze. Tattered Ear warriors attacked an entity which resembled the Dragon of Fire, overwhelming it with their sheer number. Akatch threw a spear, piercing through the ear and into the brain of the creature. [1]

Trapped in Yume-do Edit

They won the Battle of Tomorrow, but all the nezumi involved were trapped in Yume-do. For Rokugan the nezumi had ceased to exist. [1]

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