Please note: This article is about the Naga city deep in Yume-do. For other uses of the term, please see Akasha (disambiguation).

Akasha was a Naga city deep in Yume-do, where the Naga race existed during their Great Sleep. [1]

Creation Edit

After the Naga race found themselves triumphant over the Foul, the Naga Jakla astrologers foresaw that the Foul would again rise, and that the Naga would live to see that day. They woved a Veil of Sleep around their greatest city, and nearly all the Naga throughout the world fell into a deep slumber. [1]

Appearance Edit

Despite the Naga awoke in 1124 finding their Empire in ruins, their vast civilization at the height of its glory still existed in Yume-do. The city was larger than Otosan Uchi or Medinaat al-Salaam. Millions of Naga lived in the city Akasha, but only while they were sleeping. Those who awake could not remember Akasha except in the vaguest of legends. [1]

Location Edit

The city superimposed over the Cobra city Vyakarana, and it began to decay when the Naga left it. The collective racial soul, also named "the Akasha", laid at the heart of the city, in the Qatol's palace. [1]

Decadence Edit

Enough Naga had been born inside Yume-do that the Akasha itself had yumeji, the control exerted by the Realm of Dreams. This had manifested itself as infertility of the majority of the Naga in other Realms, especially Ningen-do, the Mortal Realm. [1]


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