Aka-Name was a creature of the Shadowlands.

Appearance Edit

The Aka-Name had a foul appearance, looking like a bloated, misshapen human with red skin and eyes. It was a muscled four-footed creature, with long distorted arms and poisonous claws, with a twisted neck and a huge hunch in the back. They were both male and female Aka-Name, and supposedly reproduced like humans. They could run more quickly than normal humans.

Customs Edit

Aka-name were cunning creatures with limited intelligence which dwelled in Shadowlands and rarely ventured inside the Empire. Traveled alone or in small groups, used ambush to feed as scavengers, or ate filth and excrement when no flesh was available. No language was known, but communicated in grunts and bestial noises. They did not confronted more powerful entities like oni and Lost. When an Aka-Name entered Rokugan use to attack eta villages, where they could cause great damage before samurai finally arrived to deal with them.

Origins Edit

The origins of Aka-Name were not known. Some said they were created by Jigoku from Tainted and dishonorable humans.

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