Ak'tok'tuk was a diplomat of the Chipped Tooth Tribe.

Among the Yasuki Edit

Ak'tok'tuk was a pup notoriously curious, who became fascinated with humans. He served aboard Yasuki sailing kobune until he followed a Yasuki Merchant. The merchant used Ak'tok'tuk to learn on the nezumi, to cheat the Nezumi out of valuable supplies in trade. [1]

Vision Edit

Ak'tok'tuk realized the merchant was not his friend, and troubled by this, he withdrew to a nearby forest. There he was visited by the Transcendent spirit of Hiruma Kazuma, the Peace Bringer who brought the Crab and Nezumi together. The spirit explained to Ak'tok'tuk his destiny was to be a link between the humans and the tribes, and it was in jeopardy because of the Yasuki merchant. [1]

Yasuki Allies Edit

He returned and fed the Yasuki carefully constructed lies about the desires and possessions of the Nezumi tribes, leading him to commit resources to trades that yielded only a fraction of what he expected. During a gathering of prominent Yasuki at the merchant's home Ak'tok'tuk explained what he had done to the merchant and why, humiliating the merchant. The elder Yasuki found the entire incident uproariously hilarious and since that day, Ak'tok'tuk became a constant guest of the Yasuki family. [2]

Diplomat Edit

Ak'tok'tuk 2


Ak'tok'tuk became a diplomat between the Nezumi tribes and the Crab, the liaison between the two races.

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