Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Parents: Kaleel,
Siblings: Akhad,
several Unnamed

Ajbar ibn Kaleel, was a berserk jinn brother of the Dark jinn champion, Kaleel. He was member of the Kaleel's Legion and had been corrupted by the Khayel. [1]

Onaja Edit

In 1132 Kaleel sent him to kidnap the infant Ashalan Onaja, [2] alongside with Gathriq. [1] Onaja was the first child born within the Ashalan race for six centuries. [3] and also the conduit that Ajbar and the Jinn of Infinite Eyes had intentionally created to give the Jinn Lord Kaleel a way back into the mortal realm. [1]

Fight Edit

A Qabal sahir, Dawuud, was aiding them to flee Medinaat al-Salaam, [1] but they were ambushed by the jinn in the Sewers. Gathriq killed the Qabal [4] and the parents were defeated during the fight, [2] so Ajbar took the infant. [1] Kaleel sequestered within Onaja's small form [5] after the Jinn of Infinite Eyes transformed her in Kaleel's vessel. [6]

Brothers Edit

After news that the Sayel Blade had been found by their enemies, the Celestial Alliance, Kaleel sent Ajbar alongside with Akhad to bring their brother Israk home. [5] They came with Israk, and imprisoned him inside a cube of crystal. [7]

Leading the attack to the Alliance Edit

While the Monkey Man and Fatima sneaked into the Citadel to steal the Sayel Blade, Kaleel sent his own citadel in frontal attack against the Alliance stronghold. Ajbar as general of the Legion led the assault, and killed Judgment shortly after he engaged his enemies. Before he could reach the blade, the Naar Teban outcast, Qashima, confronted him releasing a long gout of liquid fire to hold him off. The blade reached to the hands of the squire ebonite, Pashal. [7]

Destruction Edit

A wounded Saqr al Fediq opened a portal, the Crossroads, to counterattack the Kaleel's citadel, and Pashal with the Sayel Blade killed several jinn and released Israk. The Shadow-Jinn opened a portal that linked the Quest citadel with that of Kaleel, and both into the realm of the heavens using the ancient Hakhim's Seal. [7] Sayel devoured Kaleel and his armies, but at great cost. After unmaking the Jinn, the Sayel threatened to spiral out of control, until Israk managed to funnel it into the heavens, where beings greater than those of our world could hope to oppose it. [3] They were trapped where it could not threaten anymore, and the Alliance also traveled to the stars to fight him. [7]

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