Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named heimin,
un-named Yasuki samurai-ko

Aireiko was a ronin samurai-ko.

Early Years Edit

Aireiko was a likeable woman, born the illegitimate daughter of a Yasuki samurai-ko who was seduced by a handsome worker at the sake brewery of Friendly Traveler Village. Her mother committed jigai soon after she gave birth. [1]

Ronin Edit

Aireiko wandered across the Empire hiring her sword, and she stayed with the Disciples of Sun Tao for some time, learning the ways of iaijutsu. Wanderlust led Aireiko to the City of the Prosperous Dawn in the Eternal Danger Islands. There she met Moto Kesshite, a hunter, and Aireiko became fond of him. [1]

Love Exposed Edit

During a game of go with Shosuro Atari, head of the Scorpion delegation, the couriter learned she was deeply madly in love with Moto Kesshite. To sow discord between the Imperial administrator Miya Onako and the Unicorn, Atari blackmailed her, and requested Aireiko to hunt down a variety of exotic animals and dedicate the trophies to the Imperial administrator. Onako accepted the trophies, outraging Moto Kesshite, whose compassion for animals was well known. A group of samurai disrupted the scheme, convincing Aireiko to confide the truth to Kesshite. [2]

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