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RPG Information Edit


Agasha Tamori

Agasha Tamori, Daimyo of the Agasha

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Agasha Shugenja / 5
Honor 2.8
Glory 8.0
Air 4 Earth 3 Fire 4 Water 2 Void 4
Reflexes 4 Stamina 3 Agility 4 Strength 2
Awareness 4 Willpower 3 Intelligence 4 Perception 2

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

Skills Edit

Shintao 3
History 5
Calligraphy 5
Meditation 5
Kenjutsu 2
Nazodo 3

Spells Edit

Sense, Commune, Summon, Transform, Benevolent Protection of Shinsei, Elemental Ward, Biting Steel, The Fires that Cleanse, The Fury of Osano-Wo, Katana of Fire, Castle of Water, Sympathetic Energies, Torrential Rain, The Ties That Bind, Fires From the Forge, Tomb of Jade, Calling the Elements, Heart of the Inferno.

(Note; Italics are Innate Abilities)

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