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Agasha Tamaki

Agasha Tamaki

Agasha Tamaki was an earth shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Early Life Edit

Tamiki was a promising student in Isawa Sachi's last group of students. There she learned much of the Phoenix's goal of spreading peace throughout the Empire. After her gempukku, she served in supporting roles in the Phoenix's war with the Mantis Clan, but did not see combat herself.

When she learned her master had died in the end of the war, she felt no grief or sadness, knowing that he had fulfilled his efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the Empire. At his funeral, she vowed to know no rest till strife was no more in the Empire. [1]

Musha ShugyoEdit

After the funeral, she requested permission to engage in a musha shugyo, traveling through the empire using her magics to repair and restore temples damaged during the Rain of Blood. Her travels went well at first, moving west where she found the Dragon happy for her help and helping her in return.

But when she reached the Shinomen Forest, she ran into difficulties. Finding herself facing bandits, she tried to defend herself, but found that the kami were slow to answer her call. After receiving a poisoned arrow wound to her leg, she fell. [1]

The Spider ClanEdit

When she awoke, she found herself in the camp of a group of ronin. The ronin, who called themselves the Spider Clan, said that they had been pursuing the bandits, and had found her in the bandit camp delirious from the poison.

Feeling honored by their actions, and seeing kindred spirits in them, she sought to find a way to pay them back.

But she did not know the true nature of the Spider Clan. Nor did she know that the arrow wound damaged more than just her flesh. [1]

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