Agasha Sanami 
Agasha Sanami 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Four un-named sisters,
Four un-named brothers

Agasha Sanami was a fire shugenja and courtier of the Phoenix Clan.

Early Years Edit

The youngest five sisters, and having four younger brothers, Sanami did not see much a of a chance to achieve much within her family alone. Thus, she sought out to be trained as a shugenja, and learning the ways of the courts. She excelled and found that she had achieved her goals of esteem in her own right. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Sanami was conservative, traditional, and contemplative, much more different from the other Agasha. [2]

In the Ikoma courts Edit

After the withdraw of their forces from Toshi Ranbo, the Phoenix sought to maintain their political influence. As such, they sought to send out functionaries to every court possible. Sanami was quick to volunteer for the duties. She soon found herself representing her clan in the courts of the Ikoma, a prestigious assignment. There she became quite close to Ikoma Yasuko.

But something else began then. Nightmares wracked her dreams, dreams of a man of fire. She soon recognized that she was seeing her father's cousin, Tamori Chosai, the Dark Oracle of Fire. Realizing that the only way to free herself of these dreams, she began to research a way to defeat the exiled Dark Oracle. The Ikoma were happy to repay her gifts of magical knowledge with what they learned facing the Dark Oracle of Water. This had helped, but as the knowledge had been centered on that one Dark Oracle.

Sanami hoped that she might one day find the Dark Covenant of Water, and perhaps defeat the Dark Oracle of Water. With that skill, she hoped that it might give her the strength to defeat Chosai himself. [1]

Bandits Edit

Bandits that had escaped a Dragon purge of their southern provinces fled to the Phoenix lands, attacking a village. Sanami and her yojimbo Shiba Morihiko had been en route to the Isawa provinces, and saw the bandit attack. They were contacted by Togashi Chiko, who was hunting down the outlaws from his homeland. Sanami had never been in battle before, but the three took care of them. [3]

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