Please note: This article is about the shugenja of the 8th century. For other uses of the term, please see Nodotai (disambiguation).
Agasha Nodotai 
Born: 712 
Died: 744

Agasha Nodotai was a shugenja of the Dragon Clan.

Early years Edit

Nodotai was born the son of two samurai. As such he was enrolled to train in the Mirumoto Bushi school, but in 721 at the age of nine he was taken out of that school and entered in the Agasha Shugenja school. He continued to study bushido and became one of the foremost authors on the way of the warrior. [1]

Station Edit

He became a skilled teacher, who was able to take complex paragraphs from the teachings of Shinsei and convey them so they could be more easily understood. His skills earned him the station of advisor to the Emperor's young general at the time Akodo Ukija. [1]

Death Edit

Nodotai was killed in a battle in 744, taking a shot that would have hit Ukija. As a reward, Nodotai's family were taken in by Ukija who was a widower himself. Nodotai was remembered on the seventeenth day of the Month of the Tortoise. [1]

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Way of the Dragon page 64 claims that Nodotai was shot by a rifle during the Battle of White Stag which is not possible as it happened in 442.


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