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Agasha Maiko was an air shugenja of the Phoenix Clan who studied in an Isawa school. She was appointed to govern Zumiki-mihari, the watchtower that stood watch over the Otomo lands. The former Isawa caretaker quickly surrendered his position to her when he saw that she was far better than he at gathering information on the Otomo. Maiko was terse, secretive, and manipulative. [1]

Tricked Edit

Maiko sent a group of samurai to investigate Otomo Itsuko, a high-ranking shugenja member of the Imperial Family. She had seen how Itsuko and her bodyguards had kidnapped three peasants, and guessed she was a Maho-tsukai. The samurai returned telling Itsuko had staged the entire event, hoping to trick the Agasha into revealing the true purpose of ZumikiMihari, a tower spy. [1]


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