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Agasha Kodo

Agasha Kodo

Agasha Kodo was a courtier of the Phoenix Clan. She was a beautiful woman with a keen mind and a peerless devotion to duty. [1]

Station Edit

Kodo was a representative of the Phoenix in the Imperial Court [2] and one of the personal emissaries of the Master of Air Isawa Mitsuko. In 1198 Kodo met the Jade Magistrate Tamori Yayu, who had given permission to search in the Agasha Library. Yayu swore to safeguard the secrets of the Phoenix Clan entrusted to him in this duty to the Empire. [3]

Assassin Edit

Kanahashi having a tea with Kodo

Yoritomo Kanahashi having a tea with Kodo

Some said that Kodo had killed Yoritomo Kanahashi [4] during a tea ceremony. [5] In 1199 Kodo had been sent to the Kalani's Landing to take care of the Master of Water Asako Chukage, who had suffered certain insanity during P'an Ku's madness. The courtier would protect the Master of Water at all costs. Kanahashi had visited Kodo, requesting to speak with Chukage, and warned the courtier that she would spread the notice if the Master of Water had been affected by this plague of insanity. Kodo in turn showed a nemuranai known as Raiden to the magistrate, which at her command erupted a lighting, consuming Kanahashi utterly. [6]

Amethyst Adjunct Edit

Kodo becomes the Amethyst adjunct

Kodo becomes the Amethyst adjunct

Kodo was appointed as the adjunct to the Amethyst Champion, Yoritomo Minori. [7]

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