Agasha Kitsuki's Armor
Created by: Unkown
First used by: Agasha Kitsuki
Currently in the possession of: Kitsuki family

Agasha Kitsuki's Armor was a suit of armor wore by Agasha Kitsuki.

Agasha Kitsuki Edit

The suit of armor was gifted by the Mirumoto after Kitsuki shared his knowledge with them. It was light and afforded a great deal of flexibility to worki with the Niten style, and it even fit well over a standard court kimono. Kitsuki ordered several adjustments, and it eventually became a set of different pieces that covered only the vital areas. [1]

Kitsuki Daimyo Edit

The armor passed down from generation to generation, and later Kitsuki Daimyo made further adjustments and improvements on it. Kitsuki Daisuke added several breakaway sections to the armor in places where an unarmed attacker might attempt to grab the wearer. The armor eventually became sacred after the ascension of Kitsuki Iweko as Empress. [1]


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