Agasha Kamarou

Agasha Kamarou

Agasha Kamarou was a thunder and water shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Mother Edit

Kamarou's mother was a shugenja of considerable talent. She particularly was a beautiful woman, young to the end. She passed to her daughter her magical talents. [1]

Training Edit

Kamarou had been trained with the Mantis. [2]

Dragon of Thunder Edit

In 1172 Kamarou was entrusted by the Master of Water Asako Bairei and the Master of Air Isawa Mitsuko for an experiment to take place, with the assistance of Agasha Kokiden. She tried to commune with the Dragon of Thunder, but the link had been barred by the Mantis shugenja of Tempest Island to defend the dragon who currently lived in the seas of Ningen-do. Kamarou saw somewhere in the distance, there was another portion of the Thunder. Something happened related to Moshi Kinyo, another thunder shugenja who was in the Ivory Kingdoms, and Kamarou ended the ritual. She was wretched, blood streaming from her nose. [3]

Ritual Edit

Kamarou was struggling to recreate the contact with the Mantis shugenja, and Bairei met her to gain knowledge about it. They eventually realized to focus in the thunder element was the key to repeat the communication, [2] which she accomplished again. The ritual was so taxing that the communications had to be short. In Kamarou's hair appeared a grey streak after it, resembling a thunder. [1] Her body was older than her years, the rituals that she enacted having aged her prematurely. Bairei temporarily suspended the rituals until he could determine if the effect on her could be reversed. [4]

Danjuro's troubles Edit

In 1173 Asako Hoshimi contacted with Kamarou, who was at Meidochi, and requested her to sent word to the commander of the Fifth Imperial Legion. She was assisting Shiba Danjuro and the shogun forces at his command. They had been caught by the Destroyers in a pincer attack, and the rokugani could not fall back without began a slaughter. The communication was lost when Hoshimi was killed by a Destroyer. [4]

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