Agasha Hana was a mediator and Emerald Magistrate of the Phoenix Clan.

Otomo Murderer Edit

In 1167 Hana investigated a murderer committed by an Otomo shugenja who had slain a Crane samurai and took refuge in an Asahina temple. The Otomo made the argument that the aid of the kami in his attack endorsed the righteousness of his actions. Any attempt to punish him under Imperial Law would therefore defy the kami's wishes. [1]

Mediator Edit

Hana conferred with his family for a time and she returned with a judgment. The Otomo must spend the evening in the temple's tombs wearing a placard with the kanji murderer, or he could surrender himself to her and submit to the Imperial Law. The Otomo chose the latter, and Hana earned a reputation for resolving unconventional disputes involving magic and Imperial Law, giving advice even to the Jade Champion. [1]


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