Agasha Dorachi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Agasha Rieko 
Children: Agasha Ichiro,
Agasha Jiro,
Agasha Saburo,
Agasha Sanko, un-named daughter

Agasha Dorachi was the husband of Agasha Rieko and father of five children. [1]

Bad Health Edit

Rieko suffered from the sickness of the lungs since the birth of her first son, Agasha Ichiro, which was treated with mizugusuri prepared by her husband. Since her fifth child's birth Rieko's health improved. [1]

Cursed Edit

Ichiro was possesed by a Ichiro no Oni when he was ten years old, and forced to curse his family. Rieko died, followed by the rest of her sons, [2] Agasha Jiro, Agasha Saburo, and Agasha Sanko. Dorachi was not aware of his son's corruption, so he blamed on the Scorpion and tasked his yoriki Agasha Chueisu to find the responsible. IChiro remained alive and his only heir, but the quest for the shugenja assassin was unsuccessful, and more murders happened. [3]

Death Edit

Eventually Dorachi realized his son had been possessed by an oni, taking his own life rather than allow the demon to use his son as a murder weapon. The sight of his father's death awakened Ichiro from his stupor, and the young man killed himself with Dorachi's wakizashi, forever denying the demon could fully absorb his soul and become an Oni Lord. [4]


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