Agasha Daisho
Created by: Agasha
First used by: Agasha
Currently in the possession of: Unused at Tamori Seido

The Agasha Daisho' was the ancestral daisho of the Agasha family. The swords were rarely carried even by the Agasha Daimyo. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The Agasha Daisho was the first pair of blades crafted by Agasha after she gifted the Kami Togashi with a set of swords. They were lacquered green and gold, stamped with the mon of the Agasha family, and radiated supernatural warmth. When drawn, the metal of the blades glowed with an inner fire, and the steel of the entire set seemed to carry a golden hue. [1]

Agasha Defection Edit

After the Agasha defection, the daimyo Agasha Tamori refused to relinquish them to the Phoenix even when the Agasha were formally declared a part of that clan. The blades passed to Tamori's heir, Tamori Shaitung, who kept them in the hidden Tamori Seido, deep within Fire Tooth Mountain. The Phoenix believed the blades were destroyed with Tamori, the Dark Oracle of Fire at the time of his demise. [1]


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