Agasha Daijoku 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Agasha Daimyo

Agasha Daijoku was a shugenja of the Dragon Clan and Agasha Daimyo.

Early Years Edit

Daikoju was born to a secondary line of the Agasha who were devoted but unexceptional servants of the Dragon Clan. He had a keen mind and considerable skill with the kami. [1]

Nazo Bubun no Agasha Edit

Daijoku was a young shugenja who discovered a lost scroll in 839 once written by Agasha herself. Spending a week with little sleep deciphering it he discovered that mysterious symbols in Agasha's more famous texts were in fact symbols for certain components contained within all plants and animals. These components all combined in various different ways to result in rocks, plants and creatures. [2]

Expanded Fame Edit

At first his discoveries received little attention, but that changed during a Yobanjin raid into Dragon territory. Daikoju called down the fire kami on his foes and then hurled an alchemical vial into the flames, creating a fearsome maelstrom which defeated the Yobanjin. Daijoku was hailed a hero and a genius. [1]

Daimyo Edit

The Agasha Daimyo was deeply impressed and made Daijoku one of his personal advisors. When the daimyo died several years later, Daijoku succeeded him. [1] He gathered together a small school of students who devoted themselves to further studying Agasha's ideas, and the original set of symbols known as Nazo Bubun no Agasha became an ever-expanding lexicon of chemical formulae. Amongst the students the components became simply known as bubun, and the collection of these became a carefully guarded secret amongst the students. [3]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Agasha Daimyo
9th century
Succeeded by:


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