Please note: This article is about the Dragon of the 3rd century. For other uses of the term, please see Chuichi (disambiguation).
Agasha Chuichi 
Born: 214 
Died: 242

Agasha Chuichi was a shugenja of the Dragon Clan.

Healer Edit

Chuichi was one of the greatest thinkers in Dragon history, making great advances in mizugusuri science, but he was best remembered as a healer. He was a master of treating the plague, and reduced famine helping to devise many irrigation techniques to make farms more efficient. He was the first to notice that the plague was a variety of different diseases lumped together under one name due to fear and ignorance. [1]

Death Edit

He succumbed to a particularly brutal strain in a tiny village at the edge of what was then Fox territory, and later part of the Unicorn lands. His discoveries about the plague were stored in the Agasha Libraries, in Kyuden Kitsune, and Shiro Shinjo. [1]


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