The Aerie

The Aerie was a holding of the Crane Clan, where the clan's magistrates were taught. [1] It was located in the Ivory Coast. [2]

Aerie Edit

A rare holding, an aerie was a roost for hawks and falcons, birds of prey which were raised and trained for hunting. Most aeries were managed by skilled peasants. [3] The Aerie's name came from the high-quality falconry masters who resided there, and the area around the port was rife with small game. [4]

Crane Port Edit

The Aerie was the usual port where the Crane disembarked when arriving to the Colonies. [5] It was built near the place where the Ni-Shinano, the eastern fork of the Shinano river, flowed into the sea. The Crane called in a multitude of political favors to be given the right to do so. [4] It was devised by Daidoji Senshi as the place to hide the new Crane fleet he was building, as the base of operations to launch his sabotage campaigns against the Mantis, as part of his personal vendetta against this Great Clan. [6]

Dragon Holding Edit

A small island off the coast, Miryoku no Shima, was home to a small estate created by the Crane for the Dragon Clan, a reparation for the last war between these Great Clans, the War of Silk and Steel. [4]

Dojo Edit

In 1200 the Crane established an Iron Crane dojo in the Aerie. [7]

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