RPG Meta (AEG) Edit

Advantages in the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game represent things that cannot be represented by skills, traits or other aspects of a character. [1] Some are "inherent" and must be purchased during character creation, others are "granted" and must have role playing circumstances to be able to be gotten. Other advantages can be purchased at any time as long as they are warranted and the player has the experience points to spend. Advantages are mostly used to develop and enhance a character, adding to their backstory or personality. [2]

RPG Meta (FFG) Edit

Advantages are assigned to a single one of the character's rings, shaping the the quirks that make them tick. Their types include physical, mental, interpersonal, spiritual, material, injury, and curse. [3] They represent a character's natural aptitudes of body, of mind, or of character. Most apply to a narrow field of activities. [4]


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