Adrianna was a berserk Yodotai Strategist.

Medinaat al-Salaam Edit

Yodotai had already had preliminary clashes with the Senpet, with their Yodotai Strategists slowly taking note of the Senpet's ways and tactics. In 1132 they joined the Erba'a Alliance, to end the rule of the Immortal Caliph Hanan Talibah and her Senpet allies. Adrianna was a Yodotai beautiful advisor of the Alliance. [1]

Sun Tao Edit

While away from the Empire Sun Tao might have had dealings with, or even founded, the Yodotai Empire. Sometime after the Awakening, the Yodotai soldier, Adrianna heard Duqaq say "A competent general attacks an enemy's army. A superior general attacks an enemy's alliances.". Adrianna recognized those attributed the same words to the Yodotai historical figure Augustus the Uniter, while Bayushi Tomaru declared them to be from Sun Tao. Duqaq told them, "No, both.", and said no more on the subject. [1]

Sieging the Jewel Edit

After Duqaq, the Hooded Ronin freed the Hanif and Scorpion slaves, the Alliance began the Shattering of the Jewel. The Senpet were routed and the city walls breached with the Yodotai siege engines. [1] Adrianna had delevoped part of the siege's plan, and counseled to attack through the river Nahr'umar. [2]

Avatars gathered Edit

Adrianna made a strange alliance with the Qabal sahir Dawuud, the daughter of the Old Man of the Mountain Shala, and the Ebonite Principal of Valor Kabdar Fassal. All of them aided Zahra, who had been discovered of an Avatar of the Goddess to reach the City of the Seventh Star through the Sewers. [3] The avatars unleashed the prophecy called the Awakening. It freed the Goddess Shinjo and would be instrumental in the demise of the Immortal Caliph. [4]

Defeat Edit

After the Awakening the city's rebels turned on the Caliph's guards, the Khadi and the battle was quickly ended. [1] The Erba'a Alliance was decimated by a lightning from the sky, [5] and the Yodotai suffered one of the two defeats in all their history. [6]

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