The Administrative District was one of the four walled districts of Clear Water Village.

Access to the District Edit

The walls surrounding the Administrative district were the most formidable withing Clear Water Village, equalling the strength of those surrounding the entire port. Access to the district was gained through a single gatehouse, which was flanked by two towers and staffed by a squad of bushi. No-one without proper authority or papers would be admitted.[1]

Admittance was only granted to residents or officials of the district, as well as any persons with papers proving their prescence has been requested by the Governor or other officials. With exception to people of sufficient rank, such as Imperials or magistrates, all visitors are required to leave their weapons at the gatehouse.[1]

Outside the gates the Crab maintain a wooden post for official notices and proclamations. Lists of wanted criminals can be found posted here, and the captain of the guard in the gatehouse can issue papers empowering samurai to act on the local magistrate's behalf in such matters.[1]

Government and Residents Edit

The district was the seat of the local government, as well as housing for the administration. It also contained the garrison barracks, naval port and personal residences of the highest-ranking Crab samurai within the city.[1]

Centrally to the district lay Clear Water Castle, which housed the Governor, their family and personal retainers. Surrounding the castle was a wide, dry moat, spanned by a single bridge.[1]

Closest to the port lay the naval administrative building, as well as the barracks for the sailors.[1]

Yasuki Gardens Edit

The Yasuki also managed to allocate space for a small garden, filled with sakura trees, an artificial river and a carp pond. The gardens are mostly frequented by the Yasuki residents, and rarely by Hida.[1]


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