The Adkarst was a Naga Abomination of the Constrictor Bloodline.

Naga Empire Edit

Guardian of the Pools Edit

The Adkarst was a Constrictor when the Naga dominated Ningen-do. The creatures was born with a slight mutation of naturally shifting scales, vibrant green scales with a yellow underbelly. However, the Ardkast rose in Caste quickly and became the head Guardian of the Pools. [1]

Naga Abomination Edit

Eventually, his island was destroyed in an ancient disaster, becoming an archipelago which would be known as the Eternal Danger Islands by the Rokugani. During this time of strife the Adkarst hid deep within the egg pools he was sworn to protect. His city was destroyed and the Adkarst was the lone survivor, and even worse, he lose his connection to the Akasha after becoming Abomination. His body grew massive, and took on a blackened hue, being his underbelly now a sickening striped orange. The link to the eggs had also been severed, as well, rendering them stillborn, which broke the Adkarst's mind. The Adkarst protected the place known as Stillborn Pool for centuries, convincing himself that the Pool was still as it once was. [1]

12th Century Edit

The pirate Yoritomo Haruko eventually stumbled into the Stillborn Pool, and somehow the Rokugani and the Naga came into an agreement. The Mantis would protect the Pool from other humans, and in return, the Adkarst would secretly aid her clan against the others. [2] The Naga hoped to use her as a stalking horse to distract and slay the other humans. [1]

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