Acolytes of the Incorruptible was a Shintao sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. It was founded by Agasha Hakeo who recognized himself unfit to join the ise zumi when he realized he would never find the High House of Light. [1]

Tradition Edit

Newcomers worn all their fat spending a thousand days eating nothing but nuts and seeds. The next thousand days eating only bark and roots while drinking tea made from the poisonous sap of the lacquer tree desiccated their flesh. Finally, he was entombed, with only a small hole through which air and a string might enter. When a bell attached to the string ceased to ring, the tomb was sealed up. The tomb was opened when one thousand days had passed, and those who reached enlightenment were found perfectly mummified. Even within the Brotherhood, they were viewed as borderline heretics. [2]

Tale of Hakeo Edit

Hakeo's own self-mummification began this practice, which violated the Imperial edict that all bodies should be cremated to prevent their use by maho-tsukai. It was said that Hakeo's mummy snapped the neck of the maho-tsukai who attempted to re-animate him before returning to his resting place once more. [3]


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