Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133 
Titles: High General of the Senpet,
Fist of the Scorpion Clan

Abresax was the High General of the Senpet [1] and Fist of the Scorpion Clan. [2] He was remembered by the Senpet as a betrayer. [3]

Childhood Edit

Abresax was born into a noble family, and joined the military career when he was just a child. He excelled in the army, and quickly raised in its ranks, becoming the youngest Senpet General ever. [4]

Religion Edit

Abresax was under the command of the Pharaoh Hensatti, child of the Ten Thousand Gods and Light of the Senpet. [5] Abresax disliked the religion of his people, hated their ceremonies, and the human sacrifices to the Gods. He never understood its worth. [4] He openly told his reservations to Hensatti. [6]

Medinaat al-Salaam Edit

Abresax was part of the Senpet delegation at Medinaat al-Salaam, alongside with the courtesan Asori. Abresax was appointed as commander of the Senpet guard in the city. The Immortal Caliph Hanan Talibah had made an alliance with the Queen Hensatti, due to scarcity of water in the Empire of the Scarab. The Caliph used them as his enforcers alongside with her khadi. [7]

Scorpion in the Burning Sands Edit

Abresax 2


As part of their alliance with the Caliph, the Senpet had to defend her from any outside threats. In 1130 on a routine surveillance of the lands surrounding the Jewel of the Desert, the Senpet met a group armed and headed in Medinaat al-Salaam's direction. Abresax ordered his me to attack them, [8] confronting the exiled Scorpion in the Burning Sands. [9] [10] [11] When the adviser Nepherus thought to recognize the Senpet divinity Selqet in the person of Bayushi Kachiko, he took her with them, while ordered the rest of the Scorpion sent to work in gold mines. [1] Abresax swore to protect Kachiko. [12]

Moto-Senpet War Edit

The Senpet were returning from their victory over the Scorpion Clan when the Moto Clan descended upon them to free their distant Rokugani cousins. A sudden sandstorm swept up around them, which washed them away into the sand. [13] The Senpet riders came from the west and Senpet chariots charged from the east. They turned the horde about, but there was nowhere left to run. [14] The first engagement of the Moto-Senpet War was indecisive, but they had learned much of the Moto methods and tactics. [15]

Selqet Edit

During months Selqet and Abresax talked many times. She told of honor, duty, and other virtues of her foreign lands, but Abresax did not understand it too much. He became upset of the Immortal Caliph, her undead Khadi guard, so he shifted his loyalties and decided to help the Scorpion to be freed from their fate. Kachiko had told of Bushido, and the value a General as him would mean to the Scorpion Clan, if they returned to the Emerald Empire. [3] Abresax willingly embraced the Rokugani philosophy of honor. [16]

Erba'a Alliance Edit

The Moto Tar-Khan Kiyoshi built a powerful Horde and intented on storming Medinat al-Salaam to end the rule of the Immortal Caliph Hanan Talibah and her Senpet allies. His forces were soon joined by the Yodotai and Ra'Shari. The combined Horde (now known as the Erba'a Alliance), also swelled its ranks with many former slaves of the Senpet, now hell-bent on revenge, the Hanif and the Rokugani Scorpion. [17]

Siege of the Jewel Edit


Duqaq healing Abresax

In 1132 the alliance sieged the city. [17] Abresax was ordered by the Caliph to attack the enemy outside the city, and he foresaw immensurable deaths on both sides. [18] Abresax was wounded in battle, and Duqaq, a prophet and member of the Erba'a Alliance, sustained his life. When Abresax recovered he asked why Duqaq had healed him. The holy man responded the Senpet did the same for him long time ago. [19]

Victory Edit

Finally realizing the Caliph's betrayal, Abresax withdrew with his forces, [20] and Hensatti dispatched a Phalanx of guards to help end the Caliph's rule. [21] The Alliance had broken the walls of the City, but did not seize it. A lightning bolt struck the attackers and the assaulters were defeated. [22] The own citizens broke free from the Caliph's reign of terror. [23]

Rokugan Edit

Freeing the Scorpion Clan Edit

After the Awakening Abresax helped the Scorpion Clan to scape slavery, returning with them to Rokugan. He offered the assistance of his military brilliance. [3] One of his descendants was Bayushi Tsimaru. [24]

Death Edit

Gohei killing Abresax

Gohei killing Abresax

Abresax died in 1133 during the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, slain by the returned spirit of Matsu Gohei, who in life had been excuted by the Senpet. [25]

Legacy Edit

A book written in Senpet by Abresax after his defection to the Scorpion Clan was found in 1170. This gave them a key to translate the Senpet to Rokugani language, which was the purpose Abresax had. [26]

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