Naga Abomination

Naga Abomination

RPG Advantage Information Edit

Abomination (Advantage, Naga only)

A Naga character with the Abomination advantage resulted in advantageous mutations, such as natural weaponry, keen eyesight, and thermal vision. [1]

Characters Known to Have this Advantage Edit

RPG Disadvantage Information Edit

Abomination (Disadvantage, Naga only, 5 points) [2]

A Naga character with the Abomination disadvantage resulted in horrible mutations, such as mild facial or torso elongation, scales on their faces or hands, human colored or albino skin, serpentine eyes, fins, useless gills, or webbed hands. [3]

RPG Family Information Edit

Naga Abomination (To any Trait +1)

Although Naga Abominations were still connected to the Akasha, they could not sense it. [4]

External Links Edit


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