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A Terrible Oath Edit

A Terrible Oath-card

A Terrible Oath

Edition Forbidden Knowledge
Legality Open
Traits Black Scroll • Unique
Text Give this Shugenja a -1C Corruption token each time it straightens.
Limited: Bow and destroy this Shugenja, this spell and one Samurai you control. All of your personalities currently in play gain +2F/-1C permanently, as well as the Shadowlands trait. You may not win through an Honor Victory.
Flavor -
Rarity Rare
Card Type Spell
Gold Cost 0
Focus Value 4
Artist Jason Behnke - [1]

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A Terrible Oath, SE Edit

A Terrible Oath-card2

A Terrible Oath, SE

Edition Samurai Edition
Legality Samurai
Traits Black Scroll • Unique
Text After this Shugenja straightens: Give him a -1C Corruption token.
Limited : Bow and destroy this Shugenja and one of your Samurai: Your Personalities in play gain a +2F/-1C Oath token and permanently gain Shadowlands . You can not win an Honor Victory this game.
Flavor -
Rarity Rare
Number 376 / 412
Card Type Spell
Gold Cost 2
Focus Value 4
Artist Jason Behnke - [2]

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