A'tck was a chieftain and Nezumi Shaman.

The Terrible Day Edit

A'tck saw when Fu Leng fell from the Heavens into what became the Shadowlands. [1]

Map Edit

A'tck, in return for gifts of rice, aided Shinsei and the Seven Thunders in 42 with a map to the location of Fu Leng. [2]

"Tomorrow comes for us all, crow-man. Best we can do is leave a strong Name, and hope we are remembered."

After Death Edit

Wikki'thich-hie A'tck

Wikki'thich-hie A'tck

A'tck became a Transcendent, [3] the Sunlit-Elder. He claimed that the unique circumstances of his death had granted him unique insight into the nature of the war against the darkness. [4]

Researching Magic Edit

His domains were magic, choosing only shamans as his aides. A'tck was obsessed with accumulating new forms of magical power, particularly interested in unlocking the secrets of Rokugani and Akashic magic. He often sent his aides to find nemuranai or dangerous maho artifacts. [4]

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