Please note: This article is about the ronin adopted nezumi. For other uses of the term, please see A'op'chtch-tchr (disambiguation).


A'op'chtch-tchr was the nickname of a Sword of Yotsu ronin after he became adopted by the nezumi.

Yoriki Edit

The ronin had joined the Sword of Yotsu to provide protection for the helpless. As yoriki to a magistrate he was investigating an abandoned farmhouse, seeking Scorpion who supposedly had taken refuge there, their clan disbanded after the Scorpion Coup. He found three nezumi pups, and killed his charge when the magistrate started killing the infants as vermin. [1]

Outlaw Edit

The ronin escaped with the only surviving creature, a female who he called Nozomi. In turn, she called him "A'op'chtch-tchr." A bounty was placed upon his head for the death of the magistrate. [1]


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