Dates are from the Isawa Calendar
Centuries: 11th century - 12th century - 13th century
Years: 1190 1191 1192 - 1193 - 1194 1195 1196

Events Edit

Month of the Goat Edit

Month of the Boar Edit

Month of the Ox Edit

  • Bayushi Nitoshi defeats Shiba Tsukimi, earning the victory in the war they have been waged.
  • Isawa Kimi uses the Void to heal the poisoned wound dealed by Nitoshi to Tsukimi, saving the life of the Phoenix Champion. Tsukimi loses her vision, but as a side effect of Kimi's intervention gains a supernatural conscience.

Month of the Tiger Edit

  • Bayushi Utoro is deserved as a Scorpion hero by his lord Bayushi Nitoshi.

Battles Edit

Deaths Edit

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