Dates are from the Isawa Calendar
Centuries: 11th century - 12th century - 13th century
Years: 1156 1157 1158 - 1159 - 1160 1161 1162

Events Edit

Month of the HareEdit

Month of the DragonEdit

Month of the SerpentEdit

Month of the HorseEdit

Month of the GoatEdit

Month of the MonkeyEdit

Month of the RoosterEdit

Month of the DogEdit

Month of the BoarEdit

Satsu, Tamori Chieko, Hitomi Hogai and Hitomi Akuai are captured by Kokujin.
Akuai is sacrificed to the Anvil of Despair. Kokujin begins work on Chieko shortly after.

Month of the RatEdit

Month of the OxEdit

Month of the TigerEdit

Battles Edit

Births Edit

Deaths Edit

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