Dates are from the Isawa Calendar
Centuries: 10th century - 11th century - 12th century
Years: 1095 1096 1097 - 1098 - 1099 1100 1101

Events Edit

  • Doji Ninube disappears while en-route to visit Isawa Ujina.
  • Ujina travels to Ninube's family to investigate.
  • Imperial Magistrates disappear in the investigation.
  • Kitsuki Kaagi arrives to aid Ujina. They rescue what they believe to be Ninube. Ujina is severely injured in the process.
  • Once Ujina is well enough, Ninube and Ujina are married.
  • Ujina's father Isawa Nodori becomes seriously ill, and within two months can neither walk nor talk, despite Ninube tending for him.

Births Edit

Deaths Edit

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